Designed by CLP Architecture, the pavilion provides a framed backdrop to an existing pool and complements the existing house architecture.

Proudly built by Guild.


Designed by CLP Architecture

A dramatic backdrop

The pool house was primarily designed to serve as a framed backdrop to an existing pool. It also doubles as a backdrop to the main living area of the residence, becoming a feature element at night.

“The concept was to provide a modern floating pavilion,” says Jason from CLP Architecture. “The entire frame ‘floats’ above the ground seemingly supported by an illuminated sheet of water. It also needed to provide space for food preparation and cooking."

The basic component elements of the pavilion are a black steel frame internally wrapped with hardwood timber slats. A mosaic tiled black screen backdrop with 'Swiss cheese' cut-outs, along with a floating horizontal white furniture zone works to complete the pavilion. Our favourite? The elongated ethanol-burner framed within the cabinetry.

The fire is flanked at one end by bespoke white cabinetry by Krueger Shopfitters and a large lounge at the other.