The Perfect Portsea Pavilion

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A Bridge Too Far

Chances are you’ve heard a bit about The Fitzroy Loft project we built alongside the very talented team at Architects EAT. It’s won a bunch of awards and images of it have been published far and wide across the internet – and for good reason, it’s an absolute ripper. That said we want to shine a light on our favourite part of this project – the bridge.

Made from a perforated base and stringers, the bridge is not only visually magnificent, but it serves a practical purpose too, connecting the upstairs mezzanine on either side of the loft.

When we saw the designs we knew we had our work cut out for us, but we were determined to perform a feat of engineering genius.

Read more about The Fitzroy Loft here.

Hang Out in Style

How cool is this suspended reading nook by architects Andrew Maynard and Mark Austin? We love a bit of clever engineering (not to mention places to hide the kids for awhile) and the use of this oxley netting is a smart and innovative design feature. We’d love to see build a bit more of this broken plan thinking into some future builds. 

Put Your Design Down, Flip It and Reverse It

We love a building challenge and the Kite House in Albert Park - designed by the talented team at Architecture Architecture - had us reaching for the trusty setsquare and examining some serious angles.

The battle-axe shape of the block dictated much of the design, which in-turn shaped our approach to the build. In order to incorporate some of that much sought-after northern light, a number of triangular peaks were used in the roof to allow for highlight windows. If you…