Hitting the Slopes in Ivanhoe

When you secure a block on one of Ivanhoe’s best-known suburban streets, The Boulevarde, you don’t let a minor detail like a steep, sloping site rain on your parade – you pull on your raincoat and give the experts (that’s us) a call.

Working with the fine folk at Techne, we were up for the challenge of navigating this tricky site. Careful construction management and some clever engineering enabled us to bring this ambitious design to life.

The two-storey home is split over…

Put Your Design Down, Flip It and Reverse It

We love a building challenge and the Kite House in Albert Park - designed by the talented team at Architecture Architecture - had us reaching for the trusty setsquare and examining some serious angles.

The battle-axe shape of the block dictated much of the design, which in-turn shaped our approach to the build. In order to incorporate some of that much sought-after northern light, a number of triangular peaks were used in the roof to allow for highlight windows. If you…

A Bridge Too Far

Chances are you’ve heard a bit about The Fitzroy Loft project we built alongside the very talented team at Architects EAT. It’s won a bunch of awards and images of it have been published far and wide across the internet – and for good reason, it’s an absolute ripper. That said we want to shine a light on our favourite part of this project – the bridge.

Made from a perforated base and stringers, the bridge is not only visually magnificent, but it serves a practical purpose too, connecting the upstairs mezzanine on either side of the loft.

When we saw the designs we knew we had our work cut out for us, but we were determined to perform a feat of engineering genius.

Read more about The Fitzroy Loft here.

The Fitzroy Loft | A Serious Build

Allow us to get a little nostalgic for a minute and revisit one of our favourite builds - The Fitzroy Loft. This epic project took an old brick warehouse and turned it into a home worthy of many a humble brag.

Whilst the vision for this project was innovative and exciting, we knew as builders we needed to tread carefully. We worked hard to respect the heritage and history of the 125-year-old warehouse, whilst delivering on the ambitious design. This meant…

Beauty Inside and Out

The team at JCBA are seriously committed to innovation and craftsmanship – something we definitely identify with at Guild. Their award-winning ‘Moonlight Cabin’ property has many eye-popping details, however the use of Spotted Gum on the exterior of the property really grabbed our attention.

Not dissimilar to George’s ‘Gortex Jacket’ (don’t pretend you don’t know that episode), the timber acts as a natural force field, protecting the structure as it gets slapped silly by the temperamental coastal weather. The use of high quality, natural materials allows the property to live and breathe, guarding those who are inside and embracing the conditions outside.

Heavy Metal

Don’t worry, we aren’t talking about Iron Maiden or Metallica… we mean that metal is having a serious interiors moment. From the brass faucets used in our Fuller Avenue project, to burnished tones in tiles and awesome pendants, we’re seeing metal everywhere. We love working with interesting materials and enthusiastic suppliers and can’t wait to incorporate a bit more metal into what we do.

A Space That Screams Tranquility

Okay, so screaming tranquillity sounds an oxymoron, but hear us out. The team at Wood Marsh have taken the terrarium concept and turned up the volume 100 per cent, serving up a macro terrarium at a residence in Portsea. We think it would be pretty relaxing to kick back and take in this view. We also think it would be a great challenge to build this curved glass green space. Anyone up for it?

Like a Wheel Within a Wheel

It’s not unusual for Beijing to be ahead of the curve (sorry, we had to) but the use of glass and light at the Hongkun Art Auditorium is truly next level.

Tasked with connecting the public directly to the art and artists, Penda employed clever design to create a meeting space suitable for lectures, exhibitions and readings. Always big fans of curved interiors, Penda have used a series of arches, counter-arches and circles, plus mirrored walls and ceilings to create a reflective, other worldly landscape. The result is pretty sublime – check it out here.

The Perfect Portsea Pavilion

When you have a pool this stunning, it demands a pool house. When you have an architect with a vision this bold, it demands Guild. When you have that many P’s in your title it probably demands an edit, but bear with us. 

Designed by CLP Architects, the pool house and decking frames a seriously stunning backdrop. Featuring extensive joinery, timber cladding, outdoor kitchen and a cantilevered outdoor eco-fireplace that hovers above the pool, this is Portsea perfection.